1. Graphic designs
      2. Labels production
      3. Implementation


      Thanks to the cutting-edge technology we can handle even the most difficult challenge.

      To meet our customers’ expectations, we bet on development and new technologies. Our projects are innovative and fresh looking. We take care of the smallest details at every step. That’s why our projects are well prepared and unique. Innovative ideas, original solutions and modern style are just some of our assets. In our work we make use not only of the full range of graphic design services, IT , the latest graphics software, but also of advertising, psychology and marketing expertise.


      Passion supported by years of experience

      Due to the fact that we follow the market trends on a daily basis, our services combine the best available options with knowledge and experience. These features entitle us to offer a professional and comprehensive services, and find reasonable solution to your every problem. We possess all necessary qualifications to perform the highest quality services that deliver effective and eye-catching products. We provide expert advisory and assistance while choosing the most profitable solution.


      The colour allows to shape an opinion and the mood of the recipient

      Colours affect people both physically and psychologically. They have a significant impact on our well-being, mood and perception. They can soothe or stimulate to action, encourage or discourage.
      Our labels are designed basing on proper palette compilation that stimulates the imagination and induce desired emotions. They stimulate consumer reactions, affect their decisions, attract them and as a result - increase sales.

      Our attention to the smallest details make our designs refined and our customers satisfied.

      Works on the project begin with the analysis both Polish and world market trends, in order to get acquainted with competition, trends and solutions used in certain branch. We are deeply aware that only thorough understanding of mechanisms and rules how particular market segment operates, makes us well prepared to produce an outcome of the highest standard. Each project is prepared from scratch to make it perfect in every detail. As a result we obtain a professional, high quality product that meets clients’ expectations and attracts  the attention of final consumer.

      Projects that perfectly meet your expectations

      We ensure that our accuracy, experience and wide range of services offered are a guarantee of professional and pleasant cooperation. Each client is treated individually what makes our labels one of a kind. While working on a project we pay special attention to the guidance given by the client. We are positive that client’s satisfaction means a success. We strive to satisfy even the most demanding clients. We create unique designs and effective way of communication. Hence, our clients receive the best solutions tailored to their needs.