1. Graphic designs
      2. Labels production
      3. Implementation


      Best printing quality depends on a prepress.

      This stage is focused on the control of actions taken (color saturation, gradation’s accuracy). It helps to avoid the difference between the draft and final printing. Preparation of colors’ separation is the most important phase. Next customer receives the final cromalin to approve, which is a prototype of original master label. After accepting the cromalin production of polymers or cylinder engraving (depending on chosen technology) is ready to begin. Printing technique is adjusted to the complexity of the label. Each stage of the printing is supervised by our employee.


      We print in the following techniques


      Flexo HD

      Raster HD is used here. It creates a “micro-selection” structure of shades and uniform-color background ambit. As a result, the colors are more saturated and spacious. Lighting resolution is also higher and as a consequence tonal transitions are smoother.



      Flexible forms of printing and fast-drying liquid inks are involved. The convex shape is made of a flexible polymer or rubber. This technique facilitates printing on a variety of uneven surfaces. Flexographic printing has a huge potential and is very innovative. Nevertheless, this technique is still being improved. Thanks to the cost structure, high innovativeness and printing efficiency, flexo printing can rival offset printing.


      Digital printing

      Digital printing is used for short and medium print runs or full-color prints with variable information. We use digital machine HP Indigo ws 4050 that helps us to save the time and raw materials.